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MiralonCBD is a proprietary formulation of top-quality full-spectrum CBD derived from hemp, combined with Sebrium DCD™, a proprietary extract in indigenous to South Africa. MiralonCBD was developed by renowned sports medicine physician, Vijay Vad MD (New York Hospital for Special Surgery) who supervised a study on a group of retired NFL players.

The effectiveness of MiralonCBD can be attributed to the unique combination of CBD and Sebrium DCD™, which are processed in a proprietary manner to increase the bioavailability of the ingredients. Sebrium DCD™ potentiates the CBD in the body and maximizes its overall therapeutic benefits.

MiralonCBD is produced with the strictest origination and manufacturing protocols. It has received cGMP and BRC certifications, within Dept. of Agriculture guidelines that are top-of-the-class in the Hemp/CBD market.

MiralonCBD is the most effective CBD product available in the market today.

Product Formulator and Medical Advisor

Vijay Vad MD treats patients as a double board certified physician with a specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry) and a subspecialty of sports medicine. He focuses on minimally-invasive integrative treatments for sports injuries, knee arthritis and back pain.

Vijay Vad MD has published a 15-minute simple outpatient procedure called capsular distention for restoring motion and eliminating pain in frozen shoulder. In addition to treating patients at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Vijay Vad MD has previously served as the physician for the professional men’s tennis circuit (Association of Tennis Professionals, ATP) as well as the physician for the Westchester Classic of the PGA Tour, and MSG Tennis Showdown.