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What Miralon users are saying

“I had a back operation (disc) 8 years ago. As time wenton, I was having trouble getting out of bed without pain. Ialso started getting sciatica again. I started taking Miralonand in 4-5 days, I started feeling better. I stopped takingCelebrex and Alleve. I can get out of bed pain-free and mysciatica has disappeared. I’m actually starting to play tennis again, amazing!”

-Stuart H.

“Two years ago I had an arthritic condition on my foot, and it was always swollen and I was in a lot of pain. Surgery repaired the damage to the joint, but I was still at terrible pain, months after surgery. A friend introduced me to Miralon, and I have taken it every day since. Literally the first day I took it there was less swollen and less pain. It is a wonderful, wonderful product, and It has helped me tremendously over the last 2 years. I take the pills and I also use the crème”

-Mark. T.

“I had tried other products with no success and then I kept looking on the internet and came across your site. I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am that I called; Miralon Plus has made such an improvement in my life. I am so grateful and will continue taking Miralon.”

-Sherry L.

“I have seen my overall pain fall from a steady 6 to a steady 3. The main improvement has been with my sciatica with a bonus [of] less frequency of my headaches.”

-J. Schwantz, Linebacker (Bears, Cowboys, 49ers)

“I recommend Miralon to all my patients. It helps with recovery from running and working out and reduces joint pain.”

-K. Simon, PT, MA

“Since taking Miralon [January 2020] I have eliminated all of my other pain medications. I am pain free and back to working out and jogging. It really is amazing.”

-T. McManus (Linebacker, Jacksonville Jaguars)

“Miralon has changed my life. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Vad for years – when he suggested I take Miralon, I was looking for anything to help relieve the chronic pain from playing football. Miralon works, I’m back in the gym and feeling great.”

-M. Marrow (Defensive End, Carolina Panthers)

“Miralon really helps reduce pain and improve recovery from playing tennis. I have recommended it to my clients suffering with elbow, knee and lower back pain. The results have been great!”

-C. Sniteman, Head Trainer, Association of Tennis Professionals

“I was a runner. I had foot surgery a year ago and I haven’t been able to run since then. It just caused too much pain. I was told to try Miralon and it would start to help me after a few days. After the first fday, my foot started to feel better and after a week, I was back to running. I’ve been taking Miralon now for over a year and it’s fantastic.”

-K. Schreiber (age 54)

"Miralon has been a game changer with respect to relieving discomfort associated with my sciatica. After 5 years of discomfort when trying to fall asleep, Miralon has effectively eliminated all of my pain and I've gotten full, restful sleep for the month I've been using the product."

- Z. Jacobs (age 27)

“I was in terrible pain whenever I would twist, particularly when getting out of bed. I started taking Miralon and I am now pain free. I would recommend it to anyone with lower back pain."

-S. Hirsh (age 71)

“My neck pain was debilitating. It was always there. Someone suggested I try Miralon and I was desperate. It worked! My pain has reduced to where I almost don’t notice it anymore. If you’ve got neck pain, try it.”

-K. Brown (age 73)

“After beginning to use the [Miralon]1500mg CBD softgels I have seen my overall pain fall from a steady 6 to a steady 3. The main improvement has been with my sciatica with a bonus being less frequency of my headaches.”

-Jim Schwantz
Linebacker, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers Mayor, Pallantine, IL
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Tom McManus Retired NFL Player
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