The Miralon blend

Immediate Pain Relief and Long-Lasting Relief

Miralon is THC-free and contains no psychoactive ingredients

Hemp -derived pure cbd oil

The hemp plant contains more than 100 cannabinoids (minors),which positively interact with the human endocannabinoidsystem and are recognized to have positive health benefits.

sebrium dcd

Sebrium DCD and CBD mediates pain and anxiety in the same neuro-pathway, and act as a confirmedserotonin (re)uptake inhibitor for mood support.


Astaxanthin, sustainably harvested from vegetarian microalga (called Haematococcus pluvialis), is themost powerful natural antioxidant known to science. It provides tested and verified anti-inflammatory benefits.

MIRALON Clinically proven results

of participants reported a decrease in NPRS


of participants experienced an improvement in their RM score


of participants reported a decrease of NSAIDS

Processed for Maximum Bioavailability

Clinically proven results tested with retired NFL players

Patented blend of unique active natural ingredients

No Toxic Side Effects

Manufactured at a leading FDA-audited facility